sound installations: oscybernetics I+II+III+IV

(online version at the end of this post)

a society in a nutshell. which rules play out: what turns us on, what turns us off? what would you like to do and where do you want to stay? does it change? relax, listen to us. are we going to die eventually?
With the sound installation series „oscybernetics“ Jakob Valentin Hüffell drafts visions of societies and translates them to living sound generators that have individual sound preferences and can motivate and demotivate each other and interact in real time.

2015 version at Transeuropa Festival:

2017 version at Generate! Festival:

2017(2) version at Prosanova Festival (flyer):

2018 (online)version:
(Make sure to add some randomness by adjusting the preferred pitches of the sound generators, press on and trigger individuals. Enjoy.)